Moon, Mist and Matilda

Cath was on a bus heading home, but I still had another night and a day to go. The weather was stunning for October, and the thought that was foremost in my mind was repeating the previous night’s stunning camp. Could I take another night of fiery sunsets, 360° views and clear moonlit skies. Hell yes. Especially with a full lunar eclipse due. Continue reading Moon, Mist and Matilda

A night on Madonna’s chest

The taxi dropped me at Grasmere Youth Hostel, my wallet lighter to the tune of a pony. It was either that or a long wait for a bus. A quick check-in and then a squelch around the lawn in the dark to find a suitably dry spot to pitch the tent. Matilda went up relatively speedily, I threw my stuff in as quickly as I could Continue reading A night on Madonna’s chest

Sleep Walking and A Less Than Manly Beverage

It feels weird heading into London at the end of the day, destined for a walking trip. The usual stressed and miserable faces passing me are replaced by somewhat more relaxed, and somewhat less sober ones. I arrive at Paddington and settle down for a beer to wait for Rich (@FlintyRich) to turn up. I follow his progress into and across London by a stream of social media check-ins. He joins me with a beer and we sit out the remaining wait time before the train catching up on things since we last met up. Continue reading Sleep Walking and A Less Than Manly Beverage

A Camp on Pheasant Down

A sleepy Saturday afternoon it was in Meopham as I parked the car. A rather leisurely-looking game of cricket was taking place on the green, a cyclist was taking a rest and that was about all there was in terms of signs of life. I threw my pack on my back and headed off down a nearby footpath. Continue reading A Camp on Pheasant Down

Target Dry Element Jacket – Initial Impressions

It’s been a couple of years since anyone’s sent me gear to review – not because I haven’t had the offers, but simply because I only accept those offers that fit into the type of activity I do and are the sort of thing I would at least consider buying myself. And being able to do the review justice. Continue reading Target Dry Element Jacket – Initial Impressions

There may have been some swearing… (Wealdway: Uckfield to Berwick)

The plan was ambitious, and as it turned out, too ambitious. A dry and warm forecast for the weekend, and the need to get out for a camp in August to maintain the goal of a wild camp every month led me to the attempt to finish the Wealdway.

It was always going to be a big ask: two 15-18 mile days to finish the thing, which is a bit of a commitment even when I’m feeling fit. And I’m far from fit at the moment, the inevitable decay and atrophying of walk muscles that takes place when I’m working sees to that. Still I thought I’d give it a go. Continue reading There may have been some swearing… (Wealdway: Uckfield to Berwick)

escaping to the hills and painting them


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