More Jam Than Hartleys

The whistling and roaring sounds from outside that I heard whilst safely tucked up in my YHA bunk were all the confirmation needed that I’d made a good call last night. I didn’t feel a bit bad about taking the easy option this time. Continue reading More Jam Than Hartleys

Fog, fences and forests

I woke knowing I had a little head start on the day’s walk, by virtue of my camp at High Nook Tarn. I was a bit slow packing up and it was nearly a quarter to nine before I was away. But it didn’t matter – it was likely to be quiet being midweek and away from the big sexy Continue reading Fog, fences and forests

A Little Bit of Misadventure

A mere two sleeps after getting home from Dartmoor, and I was off again, riding my by now “usual” trains up to Penrith. With a flexible return ticket in my wallet, that was about the extent of the formal planning for this trip. Nearly at the end of the Wainwrights, maybe it was time for a little spontaneity. Continue reading A Little Bit of Misadventure

By the time you read this…

…I’ll be heading north to do battle with the last dregs of my Wainwright round.  With 10 Western fells to do to complete the 214, plus another two nearby Southern fells that I want to redo as I used a car to get to them, I’m hoping that by the weekend I’ll be celebrating the end. Continue reading By the time you read this…

Tors and Beaches – A week in Devon

Every year close to Easter, we get together with a group of old university friends – a tradition that’s been going on for 20 years now. Consequently we’re running out of new places to go, and as we’ve evolved into family groups and acquired children and dogs, additional criteria that further restrict our choice of location get added. This time, though, I was keen to see if I could steer the decision in favour of Devon so that an opportunity to bag a few more tors on Dartmoor could be created. Continue reading Tors and Beaches – A week in Devon

Deer and Detours (Wealdway: Tonbridge to Uckfield)

Sunday: Tonbridge to Ashdown Forest

I got off the train at Tonbridge, and was immediately struck by the relative cold compared with both home and London. It was also trying to rain, but thankfully without much success.  I’d planned this walk to fit nicely in a period of forecast dry weather and really didn’t fancy another couple of days sloshing through endless mud. Continue reading Deer and Detours (Wealdway: Tonbridge to Uckfield)

Finishing Off the Northern Fells – Part 3: Carrock Fell


The sense of aborting my foray into the Western Fells in favour of getting the Northern Fells to 100% soon became even more obvious. With today being travelling home day, there wasn’t much else I could do that hadn’t already been done, and Carrock Fell was, sort of, on the way home. The forecast for today was lovely, almost the inverse of the previous day as if the sky had run out of crap to throw down upon the earth and needed time out to reload. Continue reading Finishing Off the Northern Fells – Part 3: Carrock Fell

escaping to the hills and painting them


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