A Camp in Slug Meadow

“Civilisation”, or what passes for it in the Medway Valley, was winding down for the night, as we abandoned the car in a lane chosen for its proximity to our target, whilst still being, sort of, a built-up area. We headed up the lane, a party clearly on the go in someone’s garage and garden. Jeers directed at our rucksack-laden backs from locals swigging tasteless lager. Continue reading A Camp in Slug Meadow

The Far End of Cornwall – Part 3: Guano and Galleries

Day 5

The Old Man had clearly been struggling the day before, a combination of a dearth of training and a surplus of blisters. So much so that the state of his feet ruled him out of a walk today, so I set off on my tod, taking the same bus journey out to Zennor for the start of today’s perambulation. Continue reading The Far End of Cornwall – Part 3: Guano and Galleries

The Far End of Cornwall – Part 1: The Plodders of Penzance

Day 0

Familiar stations flashed by as the train made its way through Devon – Tiverton Parkway, my old city of Exeter, then the highlight of the whole route with the coastal section through Dawlish and Teignmouth. Soon we were passing Dartmoor, and I craned my neck to get a glimpse of a favourite place. Continue reading The Far End of Cornwall – Part 1: The Plodders of Penzance

A Misty Meet

I pulled up in the car park at Lane End and spotted Paul (@paulgbuck) and Col (@colinastbury) over to the right, so hobbled over to meet them. Continue reading A Misty Meet

Clitter and Clotted Cream

Bluebells on East Hill #sh
Bluebells on East Hill


East Hill was a riot of purple and yellow as I climbed up and contoured around to find the first tor of the day Continue reading Clitter and Clotted Cream

What Do I Do Now ?

Being the hostelry I’d visited for a restorative lunch on the day in 2008 when I decided what my final fell would be, it seemed fitting that I should mark the completion of the project in The Bridge. I sat in the pub with a pint and a pie and whilst taking advantage of the free wifi to get the trip photos onto Flickr, was otherwise at a bit of a loss. All too soon, the bus was taking me into Keswick, which I walked through with some distaste – it was crowded with weekend shoppers and tourists and I was tripping over dogs everywhere. There was nothing for me there this time. I waited the time before my next bus and headed away without a second thought. Continue reading What Do I Do Now ?

escaping to the hills and painting them


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