With the Oookworks Banana Bivvy instead of the MLD nest

A New Toy

The curse of tent greed has struck again, which recently led to me taking an unwanted new MLD Duomid off someone’s hands. This means I am officially in trouble at home. Having said that, I do “need” a shelter that’s really light – my Scarp, Hexpeak and Ionosphere are all in the 1.5kg area and…


The End

Dover was miserable as I stepped off the train. A walk through town saw me narrowly avoiding being accosted by some rather dubious-looking characters. Not responding to their calls was probably the smart thing to do.


A Nemesis and the Noble and Ancient Art of Tor-sitting

Looking down from Lynch Tor, I see the valley spread below, lush, green and beckoning us onward. Legs tired, water running low, and still a fair way to walk. The map shows a well-defined path leading down a valley between two ridges, and seeing the same on the ground we take it. Some way down the path,…