SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAI split my work time between developing my second career as an artist, and my first career in the financial services industry as a freelance project manager. I needed something very different to do to counterbalance what can be quite stressful times at work.  Having enjoyed walking in my early twenties, but then let it lapse, I re-discovered it in 2005 when the IT department I worked in wanted to form a team to do the UK 3 Peaks Challenge.  People often moan about the effect the 3 Peaks has on the local areas involved, all of which is clearly valid, but it can also be the catalyst for a love of the mountains. The latter was very much the case for me – so much so that I reached the point where I rebuilt my work life to fit around the hills. Art came later, as a means to record my time in the hills, but has increasingly become the motivation itself to go to the hills.

I completed the Wainwrights in 2015 and am now working on my second round. My first round was special in that all 214 fells were ticked off without the use of a car, and almost all of them were also done solo (just 3 left to revisit solo).

My blog is mainly written for me, a record to look back on in future years, so you may or may not like what’s here – I’m not too bothered, if you like it you’ll carry on reading, if not you won’t, that’s fine.

If you’re interested in the art side of things, then you can find me at matthewkingarts.com  and as @matthewkingarts on all good social media sites.




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  1. I’ve been reading your blog for some time now and I’m hoping to ask a couple of questions…can’t find an email add so this space will have to do…please delete if inappropriate. I’ll be walking the Wainwright Way with Ramblers Holidays in May and I’m wondering if you’d set me straight on the clothes to bring. Any thoughts on what the weather across England in May should be? Always raining? Cold, warm or hot? Layers, of course, but I’m wondering whether I should expect rain or cold continuously in that area. Thanks…and Happy New Year!


    • NW England weather in May can be anything from warm sunny days to rain, gales, hail and even snow. I’ve had all of these in the Lake District at that time of year. So the clothes you should bring should reflect the uncertain nature of the likely weather, and reflect the fact that the route of the Wainwright Way does go up high where it will be colder and more exposed to wind. There may be some snow underfoot in places on the tops – I’ve encountered snow on Glaramara in May, which is close to your route. However, I’d expect the “average” weather to be rain showers and day time temperatures of 9C to 15C. I think it’s quite likely that on a walk of that length you’ll get some days of heavy rain or strong wind. Personally I would work on it being cold and wet rather than hot, but use your layers so that you can walk in anything from just a base layer through to full wet weather gear. Assuming the holiday involves luggage transfer (?) then I’d simply cover all of the bases if I were you, with as many spares as you find works for you. If I were doing it I’d pack: 200 weight merino base layer, a softshell jacket, a decent waterproof jacket that fits over the softshell, and an emergency warm layer of some kind in case it’s really cold – that may be an insulated jacket (definitely if I was camping, probably not if I was staying under a proper roof at night), or a windshirt type thing. I tend to wear softshell trousers as well, which then covers rain showers but not heavy prolonged rain, so I’d throw in a pair of overtrousers too. This combination works well for me as I get quite hot when walking, so I rarely feel the need for a fleece. So packing for cold and wet but with the ability to take stuff off if it’s warm is the way to go.


      • Thank you…this is hugely helpful. I also get pretty warm while walking, so it’s a challenge to figure out the best combination to wear/pack. Thank you for the head’s up re May weather and for the point of it getting colder as we climb. I’ve just picked up a Patagonia down “sweater” (really a jacket) and a Marmot Minimalist rain jacket, but it sounds like I’ve got plenty of reasons left to head to our outdoor gear stores! Much appreciated. Happy 2016!


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